Emergency Jump Start

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Portable Power Station & Engine Starter with LED Work Light. Power Pack for Vehicles up to 2500cc Petrol/ 2000cc Diesel.

  • Rechargeable Power Pack - LED Work Light
  • Recommended for use with petrol up to 2500cc & diesel engines up to 2000cc.
  • Use with a power inverter will allow you to operate your 230v UK standard appliances ‘outdoors’ enabling you to use laptops, stereos, TV’s, DVD players and many other appliances.
  • Operate any 12v accessories using the 12v DC socket.
  • Ideal for use with in-car phone chargers, car vacuum cleaners, work lamps and much more.
  • Fully rechargeable with built in booster cables to jump start your vehicle.
  • 12v ‘rechargeable’ sealed maintenance free lead acid battery