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P1PE P6220C 62cc / 20” Petrol Chainsaw (Powered by Hyundai) - HWB Car Parts

P1PE P6220C 62cc / 20” Petrol Chainsaw (Powered by Hyundai)

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Heavy Duty Chainsaw

The P6220C 62cc 2-stroke petrol chainsaw from P1PE (Position One Power Equipment is a heavy duty chainsaw designed to deal with tough sawing requirements. 
With an extremely powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine fitted with P1PE professionally engineered 20-inch bar & chain is capable of tackling anything from large trees to smaller clearance jobs.

User Friendly
Weighing just 5.4kg including bar & chain makes the P6220C easy to transport and maneuver providing a comfortable user experience during extensive use.

Carry Bag Included
When not in use the P6220C can be stored safely with the included carry bag and bar cover that protects the all-important cutting links on the chain from getting damaged and keep the bar in pristine condition.

Highly Versatile
Designed for both professional & domestic use the P6220C is a highly versatile chainsaw delivering high performance in all weathers.

Quick And Easy Adjustment
The side mounted chain tensioner makes adjustment quick and easy.

Automatic Lubrication
The automatic lubrication system ensures that the chain is always lubricated while in use to minimise on downtime and keep the chain in good health.

Ultimate Safety
The ergonomically designed handles are fitted with anti-vibration technology to increase comfort and protect the user’s hands, built with safety in mind the double pivot safety brake stops the chain instantly in the event of a kick-back. The P6220C features a chain catcher that helps prevent the chain being thrown back towards the operator, if the chain breaks or becomes derailed the chain catcher, catches the chain when it derails downwards and shortens it.

In The Box

  • P6220C Chainsaw
  • 20” Bar & x2 Chains
  • Carry Bag
  • Tool Kit (Including Spark Plug Spanner, Flat Head Screwdriver, Hex Key & Chain File)
  • Additional Spare Spark Plug
  • Bar Cover


Only use this chainsaw if you understand the dangers and have experience in operating high powered chainsaws.

Always wear the correct PPE and be sure to fully understand the dangers of operating a chainsaw. We recommend an approved helmet with face shield and ear protection, chainsaw trousers, chainsaw jacket, chainsaw gloves and heavy-duty steel toe capped boots. 

Always read the instruction manual before use.


  1. What does Easy Start recoil system mean?
  2. The pull start mechanism can be quite hard to pull rapidly on large, 62cc 2-stroke engines. The Hyundai IC62-2R engine has a soft start system that allows the pull start handle to be pulled at medium speed with less effort to start the engine. This also reduces kickback through the pullstart handle.

  1. What fuel and oil should I use?
  2. The Hyundai IC62-2R 2-stroke engine runs on a 25:1 mixture of unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil. It will also run well on 'Aspen 2'. 'Aspen 2' is a ready to go, environmentally friendly 2-stroke mixture that does not deteriorate over time.

  1. How long does unleaded petrol last in small machinery?
  2. Modern unleaded petrol can go off in as little as 30 days. If you are storing the chainsaw for long periods, either run the engine dry of fuel or use 'Aspen 2' fuel to prevent the carburettor from getting clogged from congealed unleaded petrol.

  1. How do I adjust the chain on my chainsaw?
  2. Loosen the two nuts on the side cover, tighten chain tension adjuster screw, the chain should have 5mm of play in the middle of the bar, re-tighten securing nuts. (See image).

  1. What is the best way to start my chainsaw?
  2. Please see step by step guide below.

Chainsaw Start-up procedure

  1. Apply chain brake.
  2. Fill with fresh 2-stroke petrol and synthetic oil mixed at 25:1 ratio. (40ml in 1 litre of petrol).
  3. Fill chain lubricant tank with chain lubricating oil.
  4. Pump primer bulb 6 times.
  5. Switch ON/OFF switch to ON.
  6. Pull out choke lever.
  7. With chainsaw on the ground, put your right foot on rear handle to secure it.
  8. Pull starter handle firmly.
  9. After about 2-3 pulls the engine may fire slightly. 
  10. Push choke IN.If you continue to pull with choke OUT it will flood the engine.
  11. Pull starter handle firmly and chainsaw engine should start.

Covered by a P1PE 2 year warranty.

Gross Weight (kg) 5.40
Model P6220C
Engine Size 62cc
Cable Length m
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol/Oil mixture.
Fuel Capacity 0.50
Fully Assembled Dimensions H x W x L 280 x 260 x 950
Bar / Chain Size 20" / 0.063"
Fuel 25:1 Semi Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil / Unleaded Petrol
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke, Air Cooled Engine
In the box P6220C Chainsaw with Hyundai Carburettor, Hyundai Bar & x2 Chains, Carry Bag, Tool Kit (Including Spark Plug Spanner, Flat Head Screwdriver, Hex Key & Chain File) Additional Spare Spark Plug & Bar Cover.



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