Rear View Mirror Mount Dash Cam (Fitting from £50)

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  • High quality journey recording.
  • Provides quality video evidence in case of accident/incident disputes.
  • G-Shock feature activates upon significant impact to automatically lock/save the recorded evidence.
  • 12v power lead supplied.
  • AVI HD Video.
  • Simple USB 2.0 & mini HDMI connection.
  • Micro SD CARD, records approximately 16 hours video and 32GB card (not included).
  • 4.3’ TFT Screen, built in with real time on screen information.
  • Audio speaker.
  • Easy fit camera mounting straps.

There are four different speed classes of SD cards; 10, 6, 4, and 2

  • Class 2 is suitable for standard definition video recording
  • Classes 4 and 6 are suitable for high-definition video recording
  • Class 10 is suitable for “Full HD Video Recording” and “HD Still Consecutive Recording